Enlighten every prayer at the mosque with the pleasing aroma of our oud scent

Oud Subscription

Our purpose is to create a delightful atmosphere for the beautiful mosques around the globe.


We have selected the most authentic products for this set in order to make sure your generous act will bring an outstanding aroma with the finest oils and ouds.

Gift a delightful atmosphere with the scents of our OUD set to the halls of any mosque in the world.

Oud Subscription

How it Works?

1. Select Subscription

Through your generous purchase of this oud set subscription, you can help provide an atmosphere of spirituality and holiness to any mosque.

2. Choose Where To Deliver

Every month, we will send it to any mosque of your choice, or we can choose where to send it.

You can also choose to deliver it to your address if you want to bring this set to the mosque yourself or use it for your own homes.

3. Checkout

On the checkout page, just put the address where you want this set to be delivered and we'll deliver it for you every month.


Each Oud set includes the greatest quality of oud together with Oud Cambodian (12ml), Musk al Tahara (12ml), and Pure Fragrance Oil (12ml).

What you get?


Upon subscription, you will get all of the following for 290AED! Yes, 290AED and not 660AED.

Oud Subscription  Oud Muattar(100gm) 280dhs
Oud Subscription  Musk al Tahara (12ml) 55dhs
Oud Subscription  Oud Cambodian (12ml) 250dhs
Oud Subscription  Pure Fragrance Oil (12ml) 55dhs
Oud Subscription  Lighter 10dhs
Oud Subscription  Tong 10dhs
Total: 660dhs  290dhs
Oud Subscription
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