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The service was exactly what i expected it to be, the perfume smells so good. Every time I entered a room all i got were compliments from everyone i stood next to. They also wanted to know all about your website so i gave it to them. I will certainly recommend it to everybody I know. Thank you very much."

Farida Mubarak - Dubai

"I have no idea how they do it! So much amazing stuff and so reasonably priced. Great quality perfumes fit such great prices."

Adam Agreste - Dubai

"I was really surprised away by the quality of Parfum.ae when I tried it for the first time. I can see why it's so popular. I love the variety and quality of products."

Samantha Guerrero - Abu Dhabi

"I love that they have a good selection of oud chips at real prices. I use them every night, because they are always super high quality."

Mansour Mohammad - Dubai

"For 5 years I used the same expensive perfume. how much I overpaid for the brand. thanks for your save option. Ships super quick."

Maryam - Egypt



Perfume speaks more about your personality than words or of your clothes design. Each of us has different sides of our personality and each scent helps to underline it. Perfume is a great option to show our mood. It presents us to our world. If you smell a vanilla scent, you can understand that a person is romantic. If you smell citrus notes, you define a person as energetic and active. Fragrances can relax you or lift your spirit. Perfumes are an important part of our life. Sometimes, it is difficult to define what fragrance suits you best. Here we are to help. You can buy perfume online at our shop. Moreover, you can mix different scents and create your best aroma. Each customer can feel like a perfumer and mix various scents to create something unique. We differ from other perfume shops in our product quality and each service that we provide. At our Dubai perfume shop, you can order top-quality perfumes at cheap prices. Moreover, you can find a copy of Dubai perfume brands at reasonable prices. All our perfumes comply with high quality standards. We guarantee a premier quality of our Dubai perfume online. Our perfume company provides buyers with 100% authentic products. Our perfume made in UAE has everything to satisfy demanding client needs. We designed unique perfume bottles of different sizes. You can choose between 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml perfumes. We continuously monitor the market for best-branded perfumes and make our high quality copies.


What can be a better gift than perfume? If you want to make your nearest and dearest happy or prepare a gift for a special holiday, you can choose a fragrance from our website. Moreover, you can create an aroma by yourself or order one of our various gift boxes. Select a perfume type you want to order. You can choose between these sections: Men, Women, Unisex. Check top 20 fragrances or a brand you like. You can select any bottle size you want to buy and an average Dubai perfume price. A customer can select minimum and maximum prices of all fragrances. You can buy a copy of some famous brands at a fraction of their original price but with identical quality. You do not pay even half of a brand perfume's original price. Luxury perfume is too expensive and difficult to afford. Our fragrances will fit your taste and budget. Moreover, we guarantee exceptional quality of our products. Acquire your beloved scents at affordable prices. Our main goal is to provide quality products for reasonable prices and create long-term relations with every client. Our team of experts monitors a market and researches every new fragrance. We provide you with new solutions at low prices. On our website, you can find multiple fragrances in sprays and oils from all popular brands.

Our creations. Check popular perfume brands copies. Select your favorite smell and pick bottle sizes of 30 ml, 50, or 100ml.

Perfume Oils. Check out your beloved oils and pick a bottle size of 3ml, 6ml, 12ml, or 50ml for refilling.

Dahn Al OUD. Check all available oils similar to famous brands.

Body Mist. If you prefer a more light smell, body mist is your best choice. You are provided with various fragrances of popular brands for lower prices.

Interior Perfume. Interior perfume creates a cosy atmosphere at your house. It reflects house character owners and makes your home convenient and somewhere you want to return. Select fragrances that fit your tastes and preferences most.

Perfume Reed Diffuser. You can find different perfume reed diffusers inspired by famous perfume brands. Reed Diffuser is well designed and it contains wooden sticks. It helps to create an elegant atmosphere at your home and feels it with a fascinating fragrance.

Musk Oil. You can find such musk oils as Tahara Musk Oils, Cherry Musk Oil, Wild Deer Musk Oil, etc. Check any list of your favorite fragrances and order some musk oil that fits your taste.

We have a big experience in the perfume industry and create fragrances similar to famous brands. We can help you to reflect your personality by providing exclusive fragrances at low prices. You can check popular fragrances of all well-known brands and order them through our website. Moreover, you can pick a bottle of different designs and sizes. If a perfume is not what you want, we can advise trying a body mist. Body Mist has a more light fragrance and remains on your skin for hours. We provide you with a vast collection of popular body mist fragrances similar to scents of branded ones. Once you try it, you will hardly deny it later. You can buy perfume, oil, or body mist that reflects your personality. In addition, you can select a fragrance for your home. A home is a place where we relax and return every day after long hours of work. When you fill your house with a fragrance that fits your taste, you enjoy your home more. Moreover, fragrances of your apartment reflect each character of its owners and creates a unique atmosphere. Check collections of our Interior Perfumes and pick one that matches your taste. If you want something unique, you can select one of Perfume Reed Diffusers. Perfume Reed Diffusers not only fill your house with a fragrance that you like but also come as an interior design element. Our online shop has everything to satisfy your needs and enrich your life.


You can select a perfume from popular UAE perfume brands and make an order quickly at our online shop. To buy perfume made in the UAE, visit our website and create an account. An easy and fast process does not take more than a few minutes of your free time. To register, you need to fill in personal information, email, and telephone number. Create a password and read a Privacy Policy to complete registration. When you create your account, you can buy a popular perfume made in the UAE online. Moreover, all new clients are provided with prices and discounts. To win a prize, you need to visit our UAE Company website and enter your email. Next, try your luck in spinning our wheel. This feature consists of different sections and each section contains a reward. Your prize will be added to your order automatically. Each customer can spin this wheel only once. Moreover, you will receive letters on your email address with new exclusive offers and news. Buy perfume Dubai and take your prize! You can return your purchase within 7 days and we will return your money. However, we are sure that you will be fully satisfied with our company quality and service. Your purchase will be delivered quickly. It takes only 2 days for its delivery. If you order from abroad, delivery time can extend to 5 days. When you confirm your order, you will receive an email within 24 hours. If you have any questions or face some problems, you can contact our customer service. Our team of customer service agents consists of real professionals that provide help 24/7. You can contact us via email, live chat, or phone call.