Lily Love Interior Perfume 500ml
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Gucci's Eau de Parfum II Interior Perfume

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Gucci's Eau de Parfum II Interior Perfume

Interior Perfume: Lily Love

Our Version of Gucci's Eau de Parfum II

Size: 500ml

At PARFUM.AE, we advocate that a home’s fragrance should be considered when styling its interior. Fragrances help radiate the atmosphere of your house, reflecting the kind of environment you want to present your homes. Nobody enjoys entering a house that does not radiate a fragrance that is as nice as it looks. 

Our Home Fragrance Collection is designed to add a multi-sensorial experience within your home. We have a vast selection of scents that is appropriate for any room, for every occasion, or any season of the year.

Architects design houses, designers sculpt and design objects for your home. They think about the color, shape, sound, touch, and the senses they address and how they harmonize with each other.

In perfumery, we think about perfume and its effect on you, your skin, your home and your family. Perfume is part of our language: we consider scents as a subtle but deep and subconscious form of communication. 

PARFUM.AE’s Interior Perfume is not like other ordinary Room Sprays. With our Interior Perfume, you can infuse any room with any luxurious scents of your choice at a moment’s notice. Just spray into the air and let the smell travel around the room for your enjoyment.

Gucci's Eau de Parfum II Interior Perfume


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