Leather Scents Set
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Leather Scents Set - Car Perfume Diffuser

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Leather Scents Set - Car Perfume Diffuser

Enjoy Refreshing fragrance along all the driveway

Leather Scents Set

4ml x Hermes' terre d'hermes
4ml x Ajmal's Amber wood
4ml x Tf's f.fabulous
4ml x Maison's jazz club
4ml x Tf's tuscan leather
4ml x Memo's irish leather


1x type C
1x Metal clip for car
1x Back sticker

How to use
Long press to start machine. You can adjust fragrance diffusing in 2 different modes by pressing the button

 2 modes interval fragrance diffusing

 Mode 1 (purple)                                                          Mode 2 (blue)

5 seconds working                                                       5 seconds working
10 minutes pause                                                        5 minutes pause


Model:                         Car Perfume Diffuser

Dimension:                94x26x31mm

Power:                         1.0-1.5w

Color:                           Black

Bottle capacity:        4ml

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