PARFUM.AE is now presenting a one-of-a-kind concept to the market allowing everyone to experience luxurious perfumes with a modern adaptation to daily life.

If wearing top branded perfumes was an exclusive privilege to a certain audience, or a heavy decision for your bank account, PARFUM.AE is now allowing everyone to get into the fine scents’ world.

Enjoy high-quality luxurious fragrances made from ingredients of quality as close to the original’s at very affordable prices. Without compromising the quality, you can save up to as high as 90%!

How is that possible? Simple - we just don’t charge you for all the brands’ fancy endorsements.

PARFUM.AE presents a large diversified set of creations for everyone, all tastes, and all uses. More than 1000 different products ranging from perfumes, to oils, to bakhoor, and more. We present different sizes, designs, and packaging for your special occasions. 

Because PARFUM.AE believes in your authentic unique self, we thought that you may want to make your own special perfume that would represent you, and only you

For more customized orders, you may choose what oil, fragrance, and concentration to mix and create your own unique perfume. You may also choose our basic bottle which will have your name and date of creation on it for a special memory.


  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed: Along with the diversified choice of fragrances, bottles’ design & size, and packaging, we offer our customers a replacement or a 100% refund for the products they are not satisfied with.

  • Quality is a priority: We source our ingredients to make our high-quality oils, perfumes, and bakhoor from all authorized sources to ensure a product ‘Similar’ to the original branded perfume not only in its scent but in its quality too.

  • Trust is rewarded: As we value our customers’ trust in us and their loyalty, we offer them special discounts, free products, and much more exclusive benefits for their subscription to our website

We are implementing our “High-quality products and services for affordable costs” strategy in all our business operations’ aspects. This covers our shipment services and fees too. We deal with highly professional shipment agencies that ensure delivering your ordered products to your doorstep in a perfect state, and for a cost that ranges from FREE to very little. 

We operate in the UAE, and ship to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia.


In PARFUM.AE, we work as a dynamic and flexible team to provide our employees with the most suitable work conditions so they can ensure the best products’ and services’ quality to our customers.

If you are curious to see how we carefully prepare each perfume, join us in our workshop in Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim 1 where we can also assist you in mixing your own perfume.


Join us on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to get our latest releases and flash sales’ updates.

If you still have some questions or are curious to know more about PARFUM.AE, just reach out to us through:

  • Instagram Inbox @parfumae.uae

  • Get in touch through WhatsApp +971 55 774 4949

  • Send us an email at

  • Or call us on +971 4 547 6469


We would love for you to get back to us with your feedback and critics on our products to help us improve and respond better to your needs. 

Don’t forget to share your favorite products from PARFUM.AE with your friends and family. Tag us on your social media posts and use the hashtag #parfumae.

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