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Tom Ford F.fabulous

37 Reviews

Tom Ford F.fabulous

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Tom Ford presents a new limited edition called F Fabulous from his exclusive Private Blend perfume line during the New York Fashion Week in September 2017. Key ingredients of the composition include bitter almond oil, tonka bean, orris root, leather, cashmerean and clary sage oil. Tom Ford F Fabulous is available on September 7th at Tom Ford boutiques and on the official site.


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Customer Reviews

Potent and good for daily use.

Purchased a 50 ML Bottle to test and the fragrance was much more potent. I now use this every other day.

Alexis, United Arab Emirates

Strong Projection.

I still love this fragrance I’ve been wearing it for a couple weeks I think we’re looking at about four hours of solid longevity may be a good two hours of a nice strong projection that is just amazing.

Dr Afro, United Arab Emirates

High End Fragrance.

This has a sweet but sharp scent, smells richer, similar scent profile but the bitter almond and lavender give that bite! Makes feel and smell much more high end.

Adam, Oman

The Winner Perfume.

Been wearing this many times. One day I tried both BR540 and TF F Fabulous on my skin, one on my left arm and one on my right. I decided to try them at the same time so i could find which one dominates the other coz they are both sweet perfumes and also I always forgot their smells coz for me they gave me the same memory vibes, i don't know why all the time i forgot their differences. My verdict- I found that the winner here is the TF Fabulous, it strikes like an explosives to me.

Ali Zar, United Arab Emirates

Love the almond note.

As far as this one goes, I thought I'd like it as an almond lover. Good for Travelling

sara, Saudi Arabia

Best from Tom Ford.

As most of the TF fragrances, this one is so geniously perplexed-simple, that it was today's winner for me.

Polinka, United Arab Emirates

Luxury Feeling .

This one smells exactly like a new leather bag that you get in a fancy store. Polished, maybe fragranced with some herb tea that they offer in the store and a lavender room diffuser. Gives you a lux feeling and empowerment.

Ayesha, United Arab Emirates


It's hard to judge the overall performance as I get poor performance on my skin with most fragrances. I'd say it's average. 6 hrs longevity with 1-2 hrs of projection. The whole debate about if the price is worth it for the performance doesn't apply to me. If I like a fragrance, I BUY IT.

Khaliq, Kuwait


yes Mr. Tom Ford another hit. So modern and good, chic also. Leather and almond mix made right.

Jordan, Oman


One word: Wow! It is my first time trying out TF FF. It is unique, powdery, sweet and a little herbal.

Anum, United Arab Emirates

Very Addictive and Long Lasting.

So well blended, so unique... and it smells sophisticated and sexy.

Anna, United Arab Emirates

I am in Love with TF.

The fragrance is a 8-9/10.. subtracting 1-2 points for longevity, though I don't really care. The scent is so unique and amazing. I am in love :)

Safina, Saudi Arabia

Classic and Lovely.

I love the bottle design and the name and I want to buy it as a display piece only in a 250mL bottle to keep on my bookshelf. Good work Parfum ae

Mahmood, United Arab Emirates


The scent is amazing it is a light and sharp opening sending you to a world where you are F’n fabulous, The lavender and almond makes me feel fabulous it makes me smell fabulous.

Batool, United Arab Emirates


I honestly think that this fragrance isn't for everyone's skin. Unfortunately there are scents, that mix with people's natural body smell in a very bad way, creating a smell that highlights their intensive sweat odor.

Ali, Kuwait

Loved the Perfume.

This is definitely not a fragrance for the timid. Whoever wears this is making a bold statement. I enjoy it immensely and will purchase another bottle in the future. THank you for the reasonable price.

Stephanie, United Arab Emirates

Great Experience.

Love the notes and the good quality in low price.

Madeeha, United Arab Emirates

Close to Perfection.

Bought the 250 ML AE Bottle and guess what i didn't find any real difference. YOu guys are doing an amazing job

Maidah, United Arab Emirates

Addictive and Modern.

The fragrance itself opens with citrusy/grassy/a bit spicy notes on me. After a short time, the sweetness comes out to make it balanced and well rounded. And last, a touch of leather, not too heavy. Everything works together in balance creating a quite unique scent. Enough with oud and rose

Kunto, United Arab Emirates


What a f*ing fabulous surprise! Smelled this in store and got goosebumps. Beautiful powdery almond and tonka wrapped in leather and something herbal. Super unique and luxurious to me, and my favourite Tom Ford so far.

Ahmed, Bahrain

The original is overpriced.

Possibly the blindingly offensive name of this scent is the only way Tom Ford can attract attention to his overpriced output.

Kate, United Arab Emirates

So Happy with the product.

This is such an amazing and complex scent. I feel like I'm experiencing so many things at once.

Shabbir, United Arab Emirates

Not For me.

I very much wanted to love this, but no matter how hard I tried I could only smell candied almond and something heady and cloying. Got a headache for my trouble. A handsome scent, but not for me.

Naila, Bahrain

Amazing Experience.

What a pleasant surprise in such a low price. You guys Rock . This is truly a polarising scent. And I couldn't resist commenting. I am now on my third 50ml bottle, and in short I love it!

Ammaz, United Arab Emirates

Recommended Guys.

Like wrapping leather around your almonds. It's cool until you explain it to a date. That being said, some awkward conversations are worth having, and this one of them. Unabashedly recommended.

Hussain, Saudi Arabia

Customized Bottle has a close to original quality.

Bitter, that's what I get from this, like a bitter acrid oakmoss and clary sage mixture. Bit of a synthetic vibe. But the quality in low price justifies the purchase.

Habib, United Arab Emirates

Medicore Scent.

Its a kind of cheap shot, to position it with its name, notes and scent as a kind of 'taboo' or 'deviant' rule breaker or something, which it certainly is not

Katrina, Saudi Arabia


Takes a while to grow on you... very almondy!

Akansha, United Arab Emirates

Good Scent.

Not unisex at all, definitely a feminine scent. It has a very sweet odor almost like Baccarat Rouge or Ariana Grande's Cloud.

Priya, United Arab Emirates

Amazing Experience.

Great scent, creamy with a lot of tonka. I like it a lot although the first time . For me, is in the top ten of Tom Ford.

Sana, United Arab Emirates

Good one.

Buying the customized bottle make sense rather than purchasing the overpriced original. So far I am happy.

Bakar, Saudi Arabia


I feel fabulous and I loved it Every time I put the fragrance on.Everyone loves this smell on me. I can feel Smart, active.Beautiful 10/10 love it.

Hadia, United Arab Emirates

Pleasant and Enduring.

It's a fragrance I can't stop sniffing on myself and it lasts all day. Definitely becoming a favourite. :)

Zainab, Kuwait

Smell is pretty nice.

It smells pretty nice and floral, one of the nicer TF fragrances in my opinion, but I feel like it reminds me of those scented pencil erasers that kids had when I was in third grade in the late 80s...

Vidya, Bahrain


I find Fucking Fabulous to be an almond bomb. I get lots of almond, the tonka bean and cashmere for sure. It’s definitely beast mode and 2 sprays is all you’ll need.

Rubab, United Arab Emirates

Tom Ford At its Best.

I love Tom ford, more than Creed... this is however the most repulsive smell alongside oud minerale.

Hiba, United Arab Emirates

Great Quality and Experience.

Longevity: 6-8 hours ( I spray underneath my shirt on the chest and it lasts forever)

Xuhair, Oman


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