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Oud Cambodi Synthetic

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Oud Cambodi Synthetic

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Notes : Sweet, Spicy, Earthy Odour

We decalre that the perfumery compound does not contain any wood or forest wild life product. This perfumery compound is Non-Hazardous and Non-Alcoholic. It is harmless and does not affect human skin.


Oud, roughly translating from Arabic as from wood is a fragrant, dark, resinous wood (agarwood). An oil that grows predominantly in South East Asia. It produces the dark, scented resin known as oud (sometimes named “liquid gold”)

The resin-soaked wood or Agarwood and the oil distilled from it are known as Oud! The reason why Oud is so expensive is because of its rarity. Less than 2% of wild agar trees produce it. Some experts claim that the best Oud comes from the oldest trees, which are even scarcer.

This oud is dominated by the smell of band-aids, light woody notes, with a hint of rotting wood. It's ever so slightly fecal, and is quite sweet and honeyed.


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Customer Reviews

Good Product.

Good Product

Abden, United Arab Emirates

Masha Allah!.

Really its very good and good for summer!

noor Almazrouei, United Arab Emirates

Gift buy!.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Crisp, clean, woody, bitter and medicinal with the slightly cool mintiness. This has set the bar for me personally and is the scent of kyara I've heard described and knew I had to try. development on the skin is divine. Probably best not to use before bed, it's strong! No idea how the price is so reasonable, baffles me. I know I'll be searching for a long time for something cultivated and dirt cheap that smells like this so I can slather it on daily.

liyaan, United Arab Emirates


A fabulous Oud oil, thick like honey, among the best agarwoody perfumes

Rufat Abdullayev, Saudi Arabia

Smokey .

Strong citrus in the opening and smokey vanilla.

AbdRakhman , Oman

Fantastic Oud!.

These are the richest fragrances I ever had. Customer service was outstanding!

Bashir Almanea, Saudi Arabia


انصح فيه الصراحة جودة عالية على هل سعر و سرعة في التوصيل

Alireza Hooman, United Arab Emirates


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