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Luxodor Highland

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Luxodor Highland

Original 60 ml

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The emerald colored bottle sketched on with a striking pattern symbolizes this model by Luxodor, named as Highland. It relates to the Fougere Leather group that alludes the leathery scent combined with the piercing herbaceous and woodsy-rich aromas to give the fulfilling affluent, smoky and warm masculine feel. The base notes comprise of earthy vetiver and leather and the forest-like fragrance of amber green which assimilates well with the prodigious odors of Galbanum, iris and sandalwood to give you a sensual texture. Stored in a packing of 60ml, the perfume is curated to cater the desire of both men and women.


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No. You will get perfume in our "Parfum.AE" bottle. You can choose a bottle design at the touch of a button "Add to Basket" 

*Disclaimer: Our Creations of Perfume and Oils are Impressions and Versions of famous brand fragrances and not associated in any way with the designer brands or manufacturers mentioned on it. Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. Designer/Brand Name is solely used for comparison purposes to give customers an idea of fragrance character and scent accords.


We can create your favorite perfumes for you in the following sizes:

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No. We are working to increase the number of models of the "Similar to..." category.  Today we have over 1000 models to create.

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*Disclaimer: Our Creations of Perfume and Oils are Impressions and Versions of famous brand fragrances and not associated in any way with the designer brands or manufacturers mentioned on it. Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. Designer/Brand Name is solely used for comparison purposes to give customers an idea of fragrance character and scent accords.

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Customer Reviews

It's great!.

Love this item! I recommend this very much!

Ali Habash, United Arab Emirates

Best leather perfume.

This is one of the best leather fragrances I have ever smelled. From its opening my first thought was "this is it". This is probably one of the most realistic leather smells.

Heba Hashem, Saudi Arabia


Opening is a green leather with dry woods/pencil-shavings feel to it. Then touches of earthy powder/dust, and slight sweetness compliment this leather blend. The leather here isn't rubbery, overly iris, or animalic. It's better and way smoother in my opinion.

Shaheer , Oman

Unique .

This is herbal green Leather and quite unique in its blend as i have not smelt something like it before

Samina , Kuwait


I dislike it..

Haider Ali, Kuwait


Very nice. Green grass, earth plus slight leather. Sophisticated and pleasant for the wearer

Johanna , Bahrain

Green and fresh.

Very beautifully green and fresh, juniper and forest notes.

Ryan Renco, Oman

Current perfume.

I'm currently wearing Luxodor Highland I got of this and I love it. It's a sharp leather, but it's not overwhelming.

John Rego, Bahrain

Signature scent.

This has become my signature scent. It's definitely unisex, but I love it! It's like Amber, musk, leather and warmth all rolled into one.

Cynthia, Saudi Arabia


Luxodor Highland is amazing fragrance and cheap price

Ahmed Radwan, Saudi Arabia

Unique Fragrance.

Everyone knows when i walk into the room from the smell of this perfume because i always have it on and it lasts so long and makes heads turn. I always get asked what perfume i am wearing

Alvera, Kuwait

My perfume.

I got many compliments....Everyone asking which perfume i am wearing,i have only one answer "Luxodor Highland"

Nazia Ansar, Bahrain


If you are looking for a unique, sophisticated, soothing and crowd pleasing fragrance , Then this is the one

Mohamed Talaat, Kuwait


I am trying this first time,I get notes of dry woods,leather and herbs.I cant imagine a woman wearing this ,it’s 100% masculine. Interesting perfume and it must smell very sexy on a man ,it’s different to most perfumes that are out there ,If you wanna smell different ,sexy and classy ,try this one!

Mohammed Rehan , Bahrain


Equal parts of fresh cut grass and light leather. The green accord smells like wild grass, not cultivated. The leather smells similar to high quality glove leather. The leather accord is distinctive, not as strong as the green, but giving it a sophisticated balance.

Islam Adel, Oman

Natural fragrance.

Everything smells natural, and they combine surprisingly well.

Hala Mohamed, Saudi Arabia

Earthy fragrance.

It’s green earthy and herbal vibe

Ibrahim Ali , Oman


Exquisite scent. A true masterpiece. Nothing else needs to be

Adnan Ahmed, Saudi Arabia


Fruity, floral, aromatic leather. Smells luxury. Smells sex. Luxodor Highland is unforgettable

Kareem, United Arab Emirates


Pleasant smell ,i like it

Mahmoud Hamdi, Oman


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