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Louis Vuitton Attrape Reves

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The house of Louis Vuitton is launching a new addition to the women's Les Parfums Louis Vuitton collection - the fragrance called Attrape- Reves ("Dream Catcher") - inspired by unexpected and magical experiences like witnessing a large meteor shower. To capture the experience of euphoria and dreams of exciting adventures, perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud chose the olfactory direction of the composition as "explosive, lively and surprising."

Top notes: bergamot, ginger, lychee

Heart: peony, cocoa flower, Turkish rose
Base: patchouli essence


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22reviewers would recommend this product

Customer Reviews

I really liked it.

I just bought this a few days ago. Quite Happy and satisfied with the customized bottle quality.

Erikaa, United Arab Emirates

Pretty Awesome.

Projection is an 8 and staying power is a 7. I have been using this scent from the past 7 days and quite happy with the quality and long lasting smell.

Arham, Bahrain

Not What I like.

No a fan of lychee, but otherwise it sounds like something worth trying.

Pavleena, Kuwait

Love the Notes.

The best thing about this scent is its projection. Like What I want the scent to actually stay for longer time so people can react to the smell I wear. So this has been doing justice with me. VERY HAPPY

Mirza, United Arab Emirates

Classic and Lovely.

I was pumped for this one. And Happily I love the cacao flower.

Annie, United Arab Emirates

Woww Great One.

Thank god there is NO Pink Pepper! Oh I am so happy.

Alina, Saudi Arabia

Good Experience.

My wife is really happy putting the scent on daily basis. What else do you need. THank you for the wonderful quality. Really Appreciate

Hossein, Kuwait

Loving it so far.

After the rather lackluster masculine line, I'm very much looking forward to try this more. And surprisingly the hype is real.

Ali Moeen, United Arab Emirates


Had a good experience but didnt liked some notes.

Ayesha, Oman

Very Addictive and Long Lasting.

Quite happy with the quality and fast delivery. And not to forget the similar original quality in low price. Surprised.

Amber, United Arab Emirates

Perfect for Daily Use.

I have been a fan of Louis Vuitton and I am loving this scent to the most.

Jack, United Arab Emirates


This one somehow didnt annoyed me much. I am happy with the purchase.That darn sneeze-inducing spice is in every bottle these days and now I can't look at a new perfume release piece without being annoyed.

Tabita, Kuwait

Great Quality and Experience.

I love the top notes bergamot, ginger, lychee. Surprised with the quality and product.

Elizabeth, United Arab Emirates

Louis Vuitton YAYYY.

This has surprisingly turned me over to wear this scent again and again. Wonderful Experience

Akshay, Oman


Loved cocoa flower and Turkish rose. Wonderful Quality. So addictive

Zara, United Arab Emirates

Pretty Awesome.

A perfect combination of notes and a great quality product. Saved a lot of money and got the real thing. Super Happy

Haseeb, Saudi Arabia

Loved the Perfume.

Bought the 100 ML Bottle in 150 AED only and got the almost some original quality. You Guys always make me so happy.

Ammara, United Arab Emirates

Super Fantastic.

The oiled bottle has a strong fragrance. But I keep on putting it after an hour. A quality product is what I Got. Thanks for the amazing quality.

Al Rashid, Saudi Arabia

Addictive and Strong.

African cacao flower and peony, enhanced by the modern note of patchouli essence. WOW is the word.

Priya, Kuwait

Dream Catcher.

I am so excited for this scent. Have been using it from the past 4 days and just loving it.

Alisha, United Arab Emirates

Magical Experience.

Addictive and long-lasting. Great Quality provided.

Alizayy, Oman

Loved it !.

Got this scent in such a low price and of almost similar to the original quality. YOu Guys are Awesome. This scent is surely going to be in my collection now.

Aiza, United Arab Emirates


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