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Etro Patchouly

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Patchouly by Etro is an Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men. Patchouly was launched in 1989. Top notes are orange, artemisia and bergamot; middle notes are sandalwood, rose and geranium; base notes are cypress, amber, patchouli, vanilla, mint, and musk.


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Customer Reviews

Aggressive .

I respect the quality of this fragrance, but it's just not for me, too aggressively green for my taste. Too strong oil version as well.

Fahmida Shahzad, United Arab Emirates

Good Smell.

My rates for this Scent & Qualiy: 7/10 Longevity: 7/10 Sillage: 7/10 Creativity & Uniqueness: 6/10 Affordability: 5/10 ----------- Overall: 6.4/10

Arshad Parkar, United Arab Emirates

great scent.

This is the pure patchouli with a bit of sandalwood, and geranium. It's quite similar to: + "Rebel" by Antonio Visconti + "Geisha Noire" Aroma M + And almost identical to "Patchouli Precieux" by Les Nereides. I really like the perfume but i guess the oil version is too strong for me.

Rubina Parkar, United Arab Emirates

great perfume.

I love the head shop hit as you spray it on and the sexy incense trip once it settles in, but avoid smelling your wrists unless you like the smell of dirty wet straw with a touch of vanilla. Very nice..

Gul ahmed, United Arab Emirates

Woody smell.

For me its strong and which i like most. my type..!!

Ahmed Gharib, United Arab Emirates

Strong Fragrance..

An elegant, classy oriental perfume, fanatastic for true patchouly lovers. There is no sweetness in this one! Sharp orange opening and than smoky patchouly, patchouly, patchouly, musk and some dry vanilla. Very nice incensy overall smell.

Bashir Walid, United Arab Emirates

Not my type..

Saba Pathan, United Arab Emirates

Long lasting perfume.

I Like the strong attire fragrance and its my type. A very luminous, potent, earthy, spicy, bright patchouli. It's hard to avoid smelling like an old hippy with a patchouli fragrance and this still has all the familiar characteristics we associate with this kind of scent, but it's a good deal brighter and has a more transparent vibe to it. Very cheaper and great fragrance.

Mobina Khan, United Arab Emirates

Too Strong.

For the first few minutes, it smells like installing an herb garden on a cool and humid day. But its woody and not my type too strong to apply.

Farheen, Oman

Strong but good..

REally love this stuff.I layer it under really boring scents.adds a lil spice. I like it.

Houssem Ghazouani, United Arab Emirates

warm spicy.

I like it warm spicy and woody strong. Arab style!

Ghanem , United Arab Emirates

good fragrance.

This is my favorite Patchouly fragrance. Of course I like Patchouli scents from L’Artisan, Lutens, and Montale, but this one is earthy and sharp, with an oriental vanilla bottom. very good creation.

Ayman Abbas, United Arab Emirates

good scent.

I like the patchouli and this Too spicy and woody, sensual and dark, thrilling and mysterious, animal and almost disturbing. You`ll enjoy this scent especially in autmn and winter! My type!...

arwa Amin, United Arab Emirates

Great concept.

Very impressive... and lasts for day. Strong and great delivery services.

Arshiya Saleh, United Arab Emirates

Smells like balsamic!.

great packing, creation is also good. happy with idea..

Adnan Rizwan, United Arab Emirates

good fragrance.

Fragrance is good woody, Spicy, Oriental and impressive.

Merel, United Arab Emirates

Best price on internet.

My wife like it.

Misba Khan, United Arab Emirates

Smell Attractive!.

Smell was attractive and woody style i can sense.

Atika Sajid, United Arab Emirates

good perfume.

Love this scent; have been wearing it for awhile now and always get compliments....

Munira Ismail, United Arab Emirates


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