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How to use and how to correctly choose high-quality perfume oil

If you want to know how to find the best Arabian perfume oil in Dubai, you wonder what the quality of such perfume is. Read our review to find out the answer to this rather common question.

How to use concentrated perfume oil

Classic perfume oils contain a high alcohol content, often reaching up to 95%. The content of pure perfume oil in the alcohol mixture is relatively small - 5-20. Arabic perfumes do not contain alcohol. Therefore, these analog concentrated perfumery aromatic oils are much stronger than perfumes or Eau de toilettes. The classic way of applying Arabic concentrated perfume is quite simple. The oil should be applied carefully to avoid strong and unpleasant smells. Most often, a few drops of concentrated oil perfume are enough to obtain a pleasant aroma. Aromatic oil is applied directly to the skin. The classic popular traditional way of using perfume oil is to indirectly apply the scent to the clothes you wear. Aromatic natural perfume oil Dubai can be applied using a rod applicator. Apply one or more drops of perfume oil to your hand or the inside of your wrist and rub your hands gently. Now gently apply the concentrated oil perfume to the fabric, patting the fabric with your hands. In this way, you will avoid contamination of clothes and ensure an even distribution of organic perfume oil over the entire surface. However, always consider the sensitivity of the garment and its color. The famous perfume company offers to buy Arabic perfume oils from famous brands online at affordable prices in UAE.

Arabian perfumes oil UAE

It is extremely important to apply Arabic perfume oil correctly to the skin. Apply a small drop of pure, concentrated perfume oil to the inside of the wrist, behind the earlobe, chin line ends of hair or beard. The cheap perfume smell often does not start immediately. Do not give in to the temptation to quickly apply more oil, it is better to wait for a little. Aromatic oils become stronger as they are warmed by the temperature of your skin and your movements. You can always apply more perfumes oil later, but it's quite difficult to soften the smell afterward if you've used too much. A small but important tip: the durability of perfume oil suppliers in Dubai depends on the skin type. Unfortunately, dryness of the skin has a very negative effect on the persistence of the fragrance. Under adverse circumstances, the perfume lasts only one or two hours, which, of course, is not a pleasant result.