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AED 49 - 410 Price

Our Creations Penhaligon's


Our Creation of Penhaligon's Halfeti

AED 49.00 - AED 320.00

Penhaligon Oil Our Creations

For those who have not decided on their favorite fragrance, we suggest trying an analog of parfum Penhaligon, which is inspired by the aromas of a popular company, thus using notes of the original. This perfumery product allows you to apply it on the skin and rub it into the body. Organic ingredients nourish and leave a smell for several hours. We used only natural ingredients so that people were not afraid to use the oil on their bodies. You can buy cheap Our Creations of Penhaligon eau de parfum online at Our brand guarantees safe and fast delivery throughout the UAE. The price of Penhaligon parfum depends on the size of the container you choose.