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Our Creations Kilian's


Our Creation of Kilian's Angels' Share

AED 49.00 - AED 360.00


Our Creation of Kilian's Black Phantom

AED 49.00 - AED 380.00

Oil Our Creations Kilian

Would you like to experience new emotions with Kilian seductiveperfumery? The perfect bottle of black and gold will remind you of the chic and luxurious life. The Kilian Our Creations series consists of various flavors created from interesting and original ingredients. Organic components include plants, needles, and leaves of trees, fruits of many fruits for the women's Our Creations collection. The men's Kilian parfum is filled with smoke and brandy that attracts the eye and makes the heart beat faster. Natural components only emphasize the clarity of the brand. On our website, you can find an analog of this series and choose a unique scent for yourself that will complement your image and highlight your individuality. Our company is engaged in the production of quality copies of important products in theperfumery industry. They retain the original composition and packaging, which you can get a copy of a well-known brand. An excellent oil structure Our Creations is available on our website at a great price. You need to apply them to the skin and rub in slowly until completely absorbed into the body. The smell will stay with you for several hours. Cheap Our Creations Kilian is great for both business and personal events. The oil will only accentuate your aura and add the necessary charisma to you. UAE customers can buy Kilian Our Creations in our store online by placing an order.

How to place an order

With Kilian Our Creations price, you have access to various fragrances from the series and dosages that you define for yourself. The price is directly proportional to the capacity of the bottle in the order. Next, we will describe how to place an order correctly on the site.

  • Create your account. To have quick access to all operations on the site, you should register and leave your data. Contacts for communication can be a phone number or e-mail address.
  • After creating an account, you can go to the selection of fragrances presented at the Kilian Our Creations sale. Read all necessary information carefully and buy the necessary dosage bottle.
  • Then you need to order delivery to the location of the issue you specified or to your home. Delivery will be carried out within 5 working days within the territory of the UAE. We guarantee the quality and safety of cargo transportation to avoid possible damage. Payment can be made upon receipt of the goods or directly on the site using credit cards or popular e-wallets.