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AED 45 - 600 Price

Our Creations Ajmal's


Our Creation of Ajmal's Wisal

AED 45.00 - AED 270.00


Our Creation of Ajmal's Musk Silk

AED 49.00 - AED 600.00


Our Creation of Ajmal's Amber Wood

AED 49.00 - AED 290.00

Ajmal Oil Our Creations

Ajmal Our Creations is an extraordinary fragrance for women. The company has been on the market for 20 years. Their last fragrance was created this year. Their fragrance palette has over 250 scents. If you want to make a nice gift for your couple, do not hesitate to buy Ajmal Our Creations. This product has almost no analogs. But our company was inspired by the ideas of floral and fruity scents.

Why should you pay attention to our products?

Even though Ajmal parfum is a very popular brand, its sales are not so high. The reason probably lies in its Ajmal Our Creations price. The cost of such popular products can scare away average users. Our company has developed an unusual version of cheap Our Creations Ajmal, which is not inferior to it in quality. Buying a product from us, you pay 150 UAE Dirhams for a package of 100ml. But you can also choose products in 50ml or 30ml which significantly reduces costs. Agree that Ajmal Our Creations sells at a higher price point. We are not trying to replace branded fragrances or copy them. Our main goal is to provide quality products at affordable cheap Our Creations prices for UAE residents.

What scents are used in our analogs?

Just like the original natural Our Creationss, our variation uses three notes with different scents based on natural ingredients. The top note is an organic floral fragrance of rose. The middle notes will delight you with the oriental aromas of spices and musk. The base notes are also floral aromas and sandalwood. Where can I order our equivalents? To buy our products online, you need to go to our website. Here you can view the items you are interested in and decide on your choice. You can analyze the entire price list and the range of products offered. Then you can form order and send it to work. A great advantage of our site is the correct display of the availability of goods. Before ordering you can immediately see this information. This gift is sure to appreciate your family and friends, and it will be appropriate for any holiday. We will be very happy if you visit our website at