Our special creation box is an outstanding gift to always stay smelling marvelous and charming, our set is suitable for any occasion and on any special day choose your box cover to impress and bring joy to your loved ones.


Trio Kit

Combination of your favorite fragrances in 3 perfume bottles sizes of 100ml. You have to select the designed bottle and desired fragrance.

AED 450.00

Quintet Kit

Combination of your favorite fragrances in 5 perfume bottles sizes of 30ml. You have to select the designed bottle and desired fragrance.

AED 350.00

Quatro kit

Combination of your favorite fragrances in 4 perfume bottles sizes of 50ml. You have to select the designed bottle and desired fragrance.

AED 400.00

It is no secret that perfume from the UAE has a stunning smell, great durability, and an unusual appearance. Every year the perfume of the United Arab Emirates is in good demand and gains a peak in popularity. What if we offer you not only perfumes but whole gift sets? Agree, it is always more pleasant to give and receive perfume box sets when there is not one, but a lot of them.

What gifts are available on the site?

On our site, one can give 3 types of boxes to someone or buy for yourself. The boxes are distinguished by the presence of various bottles, which one can choose yourself to wrap your gift. The number of bottles available depends on the value of the gift. For lovers of refined scents, such a perfume box is perfect due to the wide variety of perfumes that can be included in the set. Beautiful packaging will only complement the sophistication of the content. Thus, this is a great chance to get a good fragrant gift for your money.

The modern range of such products is huge. In addition to perfumery, a perfume gift box may include shower gel, cosmetic bag, keychain, and much more. In short, the choice is limited only by fantasy. Moreover, if a loved one is going on a business trip, or you are planning a vacation, then we are pleased to offer miniatures that fit in a bag, thereby eliminating the need to carry bottles or tubes with you. Remember that giving is always more pleasant, make unforgettable surprises with the bright quality sets presented in the shop.

Why buy gift sets?

Every second consumer knows that there is simply no better gift than high-quality and long-lasting perfumes. If not everyone can afford to buy one bottle of branded perfume, and it is not always possible to guess the taste of the recipient, then a gift box for perfume will be the best option for a present for any occasion and without a weighty reason.

As a rule, it can be very expensive to buy an original box perfume of a well-known brand, and even those who have long dreamed of such perfumes prefer to use mini versions (testers) of the perfume. By ordering a set of 5 fragrances, you can become the owner of several fragrances at once, which are distinguished by their persistence, fragrance. It will allow you to enjoy new perfumes for a long time. By visiting the online store, you can order a fragrance gift box of perfumes at an attractive cost for yourself or a gift, with prompt delivery to any region of the country.

What should you consider when choosing a gift set?

Choose a perfume according to the personal preference of the recipient. If you do not know which notes the recipient prefers in the aroma of the composition, it is best to order a copy of the universal set, where several perfume options (floral, musky, woody, citrus) will be presented at once. We recommend that you check in advance if the recipient has any allergic reactions to certain essential oils. You can choose perfume in a fragrance box by the character of the person to whom the present will be presented.