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Bakhoor is a special oriental incense that permeates the room with fragrant smoke, helps to relax after a hard day, or tune in to a positive mood in the morning. Clothes are also fumigated with bakhoor, which instantly absorbs fragrant smoke. One can buy this scent on the website of our company.

How to use bakhoor

Bakhoor must be properly burned. First, they wait until a fragrant smoke fills the room. Further, when all objects are saturated with aroma, you should open the window and let in some fresh air. At the same time, popular aromas last from several hours to a day. For fumigation of clothes and bed linen, the censer is placed in a closet or under damp clothes when drying.

Bakhoor combinations

In appearance, they are small or large chips, compressed tablets or granules, a fine powder. On our site, one can find classic bakhoor oud with resin oils and absolutes. For its manufacture, not only agarwood, which is considered a classic in the East, is often used, but also cherry, sweet cherry, and apricot.

Many manufacturers add rose water to the resin bakhoor, which gives a smoke extraordinary softness, crushed parts of dried plants. Moreover, the plants are selected not only for their aroma but also for some degree of health benefits. This composition makes incense ideal for both charcoal and electric ones.

What does bakhoor smell like?

The aroma of oud bakhoor depends, first, on a base - wood. The structure of most oriental incense includes pieces or cheap chips of oud wood. Such bakhoor gives a slightly tart, harsh aroma with pronounced woody-balsamic notes. It improves mood, helps to get rid of insomnia, removes anxiety, and makes a person more self-confident.

In addition, oud incense is also an aphrodisiac. In second place in popularity, there is bakhoor with sandalwood. It gives off a sweetish white smoke, which is ideal for meditation, strengthens the immune system, and helps to remove fatigue after a hard day at work. The sandal also relieves headaches, treats diseases of the lungs and bronchi, and benefits the cardiovascular system. To create a romantic composition and a declaration of love, it is recommended to smoke a room with bakhoor, which is based on pieces of apricot, cherry. They not only fill the room with a warm relaxing aroma but also give sensuality and a sense of bliss.

Today, in our online shop offering incense from the East, you can find not only goods with resins but also bakhoor oud price of herbs and flowers. With their help, one can prepare a room for receiving guests, conduct a professional aromatherapy session and simply enjoy your favorite aroma.