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Ajmal's Musk Silk

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*Disclaimer: Our Creations of Perfume and Oils are Impressions and Versions of famous brand fragrances and not associated in any way with the designer brands or manufacturers mentioned on it. Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. Designer/Brand Name is solely used for comparison purposes to give customers an idea of fragrance character and scent accords.

Ajmal Musk Silk

In 2017, a particular musk-based fragrance for men and women was released. Ajmal Musk Silk includes oriental and floral notes. The scent is mild and easy to use. It is barely perceptible but remains on the body for a long time. The top notes are lily of the valley, while the base notes are vanilla and have a powdery scent. The result is infused with musk, making this scent sweet and suitable for all skin types. This perfume can be worn any time of the year for any occasion, as it is more of a base fragrance that helps you smell excellent and fresh throughout the day or evening. Our company is engaged in the production of analogs of well-known brands. We try to keep the original composition and give it a new sound. Moreover, natural ingredients are included in perfumes and do not harm the skin. The silk musk products do not contain alcohol or other harmful substances, which allows you to use the goods safely and without consequences. Even people who suffer from allergies can put our perfume on their bodies and smell good all day. We guarantee the high quality of analogs that you can purchase from us on the website

Types of our products

In addition to classic perfumes, our products take on different looks. You can choose on the site several exciting options for yourself and your home. We produce musk silk Ajmal Eau de perfume, body oil, home diffusers, and specially formulated perfumes. All products are of high quality and bring only positive emotions to their users. You can become one of the satisfied customers right now. Let us look at our available options for you to use and fill your world with great flavor.


First, we provide copies of the originals in Eau de parfum. Different capacities of the bottles allow you to taste the fragrance. They vary from 30ml to 100ml, depending on your preference. The price of the goods directly depends on the quantity of perfume in your order. The composition includes natural ingredients and is packaged in a small, convenient container to carry and use. A couple of puffs on the neck and wrists are enough to keep the scent on your body for 5 hours. Because the Ajmal silk musk fragrance is versatile, you can reapply it throughout the day to renew your scent.

Perfumed body oil

If you do not like to use perfumes, we bring oil to your attention. It is easy to apply on the skin because its texture is delicate and soft. You rub this oil until completely dissolved. The body is soaked with aroma and keeps it for 5 hours. We recommend using this product after a shower to ensure your skin is as clean as possible. One must only wipe it with a towel and apply a few drops of oil. Please wash your hands after the Ajmal musk application or rub residue over the body. This procedure is pleasant to the touch and allows you to renew during the day.

Home diffuser

If you do not want to use the fragrance on yourself, try buying our home diffuser. You fill a unique design with our oil, which refreshes your home for a long time. It is enough to perform this procedure several times a month so that the smell of freshness always remains in your room. Choose a convenient location for the musk silk diffuser to diffuse the scent throughout the house. This fragrance is ideal for scenting inhabited homes.


Thus, we have many options to freshen up your life and fill it with a light fragrance. Browse our offers and order to buy modern Ajmal perfumes musk silk at a great price. You may be in time for discounts that will allow you to save and buy more. Please browse through the available promotions, or check out our test kits that allow you to try multiple fragrances simultaneously. We have something to offer you at affordable prices.

  • Go to the site and view our offers. Enter the name of the fragrance in the search.
  • Add the silk musk Ajmal desired fragrances to the cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Payment can be made when ordering or receiving goods. Specify the required address for delivery and expect the goods within five days. Delivery is only available within the UAE.

You can discuss all claims, comments, or clarifications of details with our specialists. We guarantee high-quality service tailored to your needs. Please place an order with us to get a pleasant fragrance suitable for all situations. This fragrance will be a great addition to your perfume collection.

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